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Nightwing: I-I'm so sorry a-ashy

Ashy: *holds her hand close ears down and tail close to her sniffling* I-its ok

Nightwing: *starts crying then gets up and punches the wall, leaving a hole then started walking up stairs*

Ashy: Night?

Nightwing: *grumbles abit*.....stupid night.....Such a freak and Always....always....causin trouble....

Ashy: *Walks up after him carefully* N-night?

Nightwing: *looks to ashy with a dark look and hisses, Eyes black and yellow and fangs showing*

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Ashy: *Realizes hes having a "Dark episode"*

Nightwing: *turns away then heads up to the roof*

Ashy: Night Please awencer me are you ok? *Follows*


Ashy: *her ears go down* you sure?

Nightwing: *sits in roof edge* ....

Nightwing: On*)

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Ashy: *Stands behind him* Should i look for the cure faster night?

Nightwing: *shakes head, Eyes a regular yellow now*

Nightwing: If you choose to. Then you may.

Nightwing: *gets up* I'm not sure how I got up here though

Ashy: how about we talk about thoughs dark episodes now night

Ashy: *her rubbed her hurt hand*

Nightwing: uhm...ok?

Nightwing: *looks to her hand and frowns slightly, tears rolling down cheeks*

Ashy: *explains what happened*

Nightwing: *rubs arm then looks down*

Nightwing: I'm such a bad boy friend...

Ashy: No your not, Its just the blood reacting Night

Nightwing: sure...if you say so...

Nightwing: *bites my arm and dousnt let go until I bled*

Ashy: *Hugs him shaking abit from the cold* Its True Night if I felt like you were a bad boyfriend we wouldnt be a couple still

Nightwing: *hugs her, holding her close*

Ashy: I love you Nightwing nothing can change that

Nightwing: and I love you too....nothing will ever change that either

Ashy: *Smiles slightly hugging him tighter*

Nightwing: *gets some blood on ashy's cloth's*

Nightwing: *makes a small yelp*

Nightwing: too tight....TOP TIGHT

Ashy: *Lets go* You ok?

Nightwing: too*)

Ashy: XD))


Nightwing: ((pffff typos XD

Ashy: gtg night))

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Nightwing: ((Aaaaaand toooo narrrniaaaaa

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